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50 Day Challenge

24 Jul 2017
50 Day Challenge

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Are you looking for something extra to boost you towards your fitness goal?
Have you had a little too much 'hibernation' over the winter and need a boost to get started and ready for summer

We are putting on the 50 Day Challenge!

From August 11 until September 30, you can be part of the 50 Day Challenge. Not only is this an opportunity to boost your fitness, the 50 Day Challenge also aims to provide you with information have the greatest success in with your health and well being.

The 50 Day Challenge is open to everyone, members AND non-members, so being along a workout buddy to help you with that extra encouragement.

For $175 for current members, and $225 for non-members,
you will get the following:

1. Body Composition Scans – The scans will be conducted by Wellbeing Canberra. The scan and report will show you:

  • Muscle mass %
  • Body fat %
  • Intra and Extra cellular fluid 
  • Your daily calorie needs (to either gain muscle or lose weight)
    A scan will be conducted at the beginning and end of the 50 Day Challenge and will help identify areas of progression.

2. Fitness Testing – You tell us your goals and one of our Trainers will conduct appropriate fitness tests at the beginning and completion of the challenge to see your progress.

3. Specialised Group Fitness Classes – Take part in our EXCLUSIVE weekly Group Fitness Classes that are only for 50 Day Challenge participants. Sessions include Bootcamp, Foam Roller & Stretching, Boxing, Power Lifting and more.

4. Personal Training Sessions – Book in for two 30 minute Personal Training Sessions with one of our trainers. This 1 on 1 experience will help motivate you to train to your full potential and keep you accountable along the way.

5. EDM – Our weekly email will include things like workout of the week, information on exercise related topics such as hydration and recovery and extra tips and advice to stay on track to reach your goals

6. Nutrition Seminar and Advice – Take part in a Nutrition seminar to be held at Gungahlin Leisure Centre and receive reliable information about healthy eating, diet plans and meal preparation.

7. Individualised Program – Receive a tailored program designed around your personal goals that compliments the other exercise commitments of the Challenge.

8. Prizes To Be Won – Not only will you receive a YMCA backpack, towel and drink bottle at the commencement of the challenge, there will also be prize giveaways to recognise participants achievements

9. Gym Use – Current members and non-members will be able to access the entire facility throughout the 50 day period.

How To Register

To register for the 50 Day Challenge, visit the centre reception and complete the registration form.

For more information, speak to one of our Health & Fitness staff members.

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